Love is Life


The answers lie within, not without. Being the seat of our own awareness can make finding this answer difficult. And so we seek to make external that which is born internal. To hold in our hand that which lies hidden in the heart. Maybe we’re all just interacting with each other’s trauma. I’ve been fighting … Continue reading Answers

A Foundation

It’s odd when you know a thing will not last, you tend to allow yourself a little more relaxation into the moment. Perhaps simply because you know it’s slipping away. I’ve always considered myself an outsider, a newcomer. I didn’t realized after more than a decade that I had become a part of the foundation … Continue reading A Foundation


I stood as a witness. Nothing more, nothing less.  I’d only met the deceased once, but I knew his daughter.   I stood as a witness. I’d only met the deceased in passing, but I knew his wife.  I stood as a witness. A coworker. Not quite a friend but something more than a stranger.  A … Continue reading Witness

The Outsiders

“I grew up in a cult.”   Such a ridiculous thing to say to a new acquaintance, but over the course of my life I have said it more times than I care to admit. Usually because I’m feeling vulnerable and I want them to know I’m not stupid: I simply grew up extremely isolated and … Continue reading The Outsiders


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